Title: Data and knowledge acquisition to build gold and silver standard corpora of recipes and their ingredients with their roles in different contexts.


  • To gather and integrate domain ontologies and other relevant knowledge resources (such as knowledge graphs) in food domain

  • To annotate entities and relations in a recipe corpus with concepts from a knowledge graph

  • To train embeddings of knowledge graphs and recipe structured texts

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Title: Development of a machine learning-based models for recommending substitutable ingredients and their roles.


  • To develop a deep learning-based model for identifying substitutable ingredients

  • To develop a deep learning-based model for predicting the role of an ingredient in a given context, e.g. a special diet, or a particular dish


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Title: Development of a logic-based solution for selecting target ingredients and their plausible substitutes


  • To develop a method availing of logical reasoning to prune and select candidate substitutes based on constraints.

  • To develop an approach to generate explanations on target ingredients and its replacement.


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Title: System integration, prototyping and evaluation

  • To develop a prototype demonstrator of the TAISTI technology

  • To evaluate a prototype demonstrator and the TAISTI technology


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